Over the past few years I have had a number of people in the church ask me to recommend a “good book”.  I must admit that the idea is rather funny to me.  You see I am what might be called a ‘boring reader’.  I read for information and understanding, not for recreation.  I have friends that tell me about the amazing time they just “got lost” in a book.  About the book that they just couldn’t put down because the story was “so amazing”.  I don’t think I have ever been that engrossed in a book, ever.  However, the Chronicles of Narnia, I must admit, remain my favorite books of all time.

     All that being said I try to read about 20 books a year. They range in topics like leadership and personal development to basic studies in genetics and geology.  Some books I might recommend to others, but many simply end up on the shelf, half read.  Some, and this is not often, are in my opinion life changing.  The change may be small, or it may have sparked a paradigm shift in my thinking.  Either way the impact that they had for me was, and is, a lasting one.

     Below is a list of books that have had that kind of connection in my life.  Maybe you have already read them, maybe not.  But if you are attending River of Life and want to know what I am reading just look at the list below.  I hope you take the time to read some of the books for yourself. Feel free to let me know if you do< i would love to hear your thoughts.  Maybe we can sit down and have some coffee one day and talk about them.  


Blessings in your journey,

Pastor George






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The Circle maker is simply a wonderful book on the topic of prayer.  It has unfortunately received a great deal of negative attention from many in the church, and over social media.  What I found out for myself is this:  this book makes me want to pray.  It is very well written and all the content is grounded in scripture.  This book, as far as I an concerned, is a must read for anyone interested in prayer.


I found this book at a time in my life when I was really doubting my faith.  I sat down and read through it in two days.  When I was finished all of my troubles and worries were still there starring me in the face.  All of my job woes were still there, and I still had to make some very hard choices.  But, I felt equipped with the tools to fight in ways I previously did not understand.  I may not agree with everything that Joyce says, she would not agree with everything I say either, but, there is truth in this book that helped me find strength to stand in God, fight and win.



A tremendously powerful book.  If you want to be both challenged and encouraged to take your prayer life to the next level.  Than I recommend giving this a read.  It is not the answer to all of your questions but it is a wonderful roadmap to prayerful victory in your life.

If you have known me for any length of time than you know that I am a fierce proponent of the creation education ministry.  I believe that it is the single biggest issue the church faces today.  It is, in my opinion, the core reason why young people leave the church today in staggering numbers.  I won’t bore you with stats and science.  For that you can click over to the Pastors Page tab and click on creation corner.  For now just know that this book will challenge you to think of the word of God in a deeper way.



A wonderful book for any believer.  To borrow a line –   “Christians are not called to hide from the world in the church waiting for God to rescue them from the world.  We all have a calling as individuals  as well as the church as a whole.” Wonderful book.  Tremendously empowering to take bold steps in the service of the Gospel.

I think that anyone in ministry, or business, should read this book.  I was wonderfully challenged to think differently about information and communication as a whole.  Awesome book.  One of the few I have given copies of to other pastors and people going into ministry.