Dear Parents, 
Welcome to our church’s ministry for children! We are excited to help your child grow in the word of God through our program that integrates Bible Study with age appropriate written and hands-on lessons. Answers Bible Curriculum (ABC) is a full featured, chronological Sunday School program written by Answers in Genesis that will take four years to complete. We began in Genesis and will conclude in Revelation, unveiling the entire Bible in 156 lessons! When we complete it, we will start the process all over again, as the children will have advanced to the next level and grasp a more in-depth presentation of the lessons.
Kid’s Church: Genesis Junction is divided into two age groups at the present time: the “Union Pacific Durango Drivers” (grades 2nd-5th) and the “Adirondack Mountaineers” (grades Pre-K – 1st).  We also offer nursery (or Diaper Depot) provided from birth through ages 3-4. Before children are accepted into the classrooms, it is important that we have information about them concerning allergies, emergency contact, etc. Please find a greeter or visit the Connection Point to fill out the form.
After our time of corporate worship, parents wil escort their children as they board the train to Genesis Junction. They will contribute to announcements, prayer concerns, praises, & offerings. Here we dig into the AIG lessons described above. Once Pastor has finished the sermon please promptly pick up your “passenger” at the station.
On the last Sunday of each month, we take a fun break from the curriculum and celebrate the birthdays of the children  born in that month. Of course there is cake, along with activities, crafts, and games. On Birthday Sunday, children also get a chance to pick from the prize box. During the month, teachers keep track of each student’s attendance, whether or not they bring their bible to class, and if they can recite the memory verse (which is included in the weekly take-home papers). The more checks they have, the better their chances of picking a prize.
During the summer months, in order to give our teachers and assistants a rest, only the squires will continue meeting. We also take a break from the ABC curriculum and spend time learning through shorter hands-on lessons including time to play together outdoors. The older children spend their time along side the adults in the main sanctuary.
For the safety of everyone, not just the children, there are a few building rules that must be followed.
1- Children must be supervised by a parent or guardian before and after Kids church.
2- Unsupervised children should not be in the classrooms, or behind closed doors.
3- Children outside or on the playground must be supervised by an adult or guardian at all times. The parking area can be very dangerous as small children are easily concealed behind cars.
4- Please ask your children to avoid cutting through the kitchen area. Workers in the kitchen may be carrying hot coffee, or sharp objects which can create a dangerous situation for a fast moving child.
Genesis Junction would not be possible without the dedicated volunteers that make it happen week after week. If you are interested in helping in the spiritual growth of your children through this vital program please see Kristy Sullivan. You can contact her by phone at 315-921-4374 or by email at
Thank you so much, 
Kristy Sullivan
Kids Church Coordinator