Our Mission & Vision


The mission of River of Life Fellowship is to be “a loving example of the living God, to a watching world”.  As Pastor I have one recurring thought in my heart. “The kingdom of God is open to those with relationship and no knowledge, but is closed to those with knowledge and no relationship”.  With that in mind, we will equip the people of God to
“love God and love others”.


Leadership Team:

We are here not as experts in the Christian life, but as co-laborers in the gospel work. Each of us is given a calling in the Lord, and each calling is different. As those called to lead this church we understand that we are here to equip and encourage the people of God for the work of the ministry. 

Senior Pastor:
George Gray
Assistant Pastor & Worship Leader: Abel Larkin
Elder: Larry Lago
Elders: Keith Rivers
Deacon:Daniel Davis
Deacon: Loren Jantzi
Deacon: Dan Rivers
Administrative Assistant:
Ashley Moshier
Kids Church Coordinator:
Amanda Davis
Youth Leaders:
Zane & Chelsea Brouty, and
Keith & Marcia McDonald

Where Can I Serve?

“Vision without execution is hallucination” -Thomas Edison

There is always room for those who wish to get involved. Come and talk to any of our leaders about our many team opportunities.


  • Video
  • Sound Board
  • Website
  • Proof Reading


  • Singing
  • Instrumental
  • Worship Leading


  • Greeting Teams
  • Social Events Team
  • Communion
  • Home Meetings

Youth Teams

  • Nursery
  • Sunday School Teacher
  • Teachers Aid
  • Youth Group

Other Needs

  • Flowers
  • Meals
  • Helping Hands